Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Samsung and eClub competition

I am happy to announce Samsung and eClub competition. The main sponsors Samsung and eClub will award students of the Czech universities for the best Galaxy tablets and the Samsung S-Pen devices applications.

I have been promising to the graduates of eClub and my students a great competition for summer 2012. It took us long time. It is middle of the summer, but finally today everything is tuned and perfected and I can invite you to see the rules. The competition is giving great chance all the students to compete for the best Galaxy application. In cooperation we will reward Galaxy applications for Android tablets and recently introduced new S-Pen. We all already know the famous Galaxy tablets, the next version 2 is soon out. Also the S-Pen deserves a special attention, its unique screen size and a stylus are giving developers special opportunities to design new type of attractive applications.

The awards are awesome! The winning teams will be awarded with 20, 15 and 10k CZK scholarships and each member will also get Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Wi-Fi in the tablet category and Samsung Galaxy S-Pen in the second category. All registered competition participants will have free access to selected Node 5 accelerator events and to the shared working space. eClub will also try to provide the testing devices in both categories. All of you are certainly also invited to next great season of eClub where we also will try to help all of you to achieve the best results. eClub program will be announced soon.

What do you need to do? You need to have a good idea for an application and put together an actionable team. You need to register the team, create great application and submit it before November 1st.  To make sure the applications are well written and satisfy all commercial requirements they need to obtain the SamsungApps certification.  The Samsung experts will give you a valuable and free feedback discovering potential application problems. You also need to describe and advertise your application on your web pages. We will invite you to present your application at special Demo Day in the eClub before a panel of judges from Samsung and eClub. They will select the winning applications.

The awarded apps will be offered to the Samsung customers for the first six month after the jury decision. After the six month period the authors are free to market or sell their application as they wish.

The Samsung and eClub competition extends the fantastic cooperation with MediLab foundation, which received 50 brand new Galaxy tablets last year. Thanks to this donation our students enjoyed great hands-on experience in designing the Android applications. We are happy to continue this effort this semester again.

If you are a student and you like developing mobile applications help me to spread the word and let your friends know. I am looking forward helping with all eClub members to all participants to achieve the best results. I am also happy to provide contacts while creating teams. Keep up the fingers crossed and let’s look forward for the best applications.