Sunday, March 31, 2013

Huge crowd in eClub

More than 80 people arrived for Lukas Fittl's presentation this Thursday. The folks were excited by his “Actionable metrics” presentation.

It might be because of the great rooms in the middle of Prague, which is EraSvet kindly providing to us or it might be because of the snacks we are serving in the networking part of the eClub meetings. Who knows, but I believe, it is because we have attracted great speakers.

First we welcomed David Vavra well known Android applications developer. His presentation was a continuation of Tonda Hildebrand's presentation. David explained  the advantages of an independent developer, micropreneur.  He has step by step reviewed how he has been developing the “Dluznicek” alias “Settle up” (English version) mobile application. David was chronologically showing how he was improving and enhancing his application, how he was attracting users. All the development steps and actions were accompanied with many references to many interesting  sites, which can help you to advertize, analyze and sell your application. Watch the presentation.

It is most important for me that I met David first as my student and then he has joined eClub and entered one of the first competitions. It is great to see, he has not stopped working on his ideas.  And today, tens of thousands people are using his application. Great job! What more his application is earning money. See the presentation and get inspired, do something similar, this is the way to make dreams happened.

Lukas Fittl had attracted the largest crowd this year. We did not have chairs enough, the food was finished before we started, but it was a great success this Thursday.

Lukas is well known on the European startup scene. He is mostly pitching the Lean startup. This time he gave a very interesting presentation about actionable metrics. The presentation step by step analyzed how to quantitatively answer questions like: am I making progress in the right direction? Does my product fit the market requirements? How to increase revenue? He also touched the cohort analysis. In his presentation cohort is a group of people sharing common characteristic over a period of time. According to the Lean Startup theory he has shown how to deliver and measure value. The final part focused on how to take action, how to plan, run, evaluate experiments and quantify the goals. Look at the video recording and the presentation, I am sure you will find it very inspiring.

There are another presentations ahead of us, Lucie Havlickova will teach how to give a catchy presentation and Jarda Gergic will talk about organizing group of developers.  He runs the GoodData group of developers in Prague. But the most important event is coming just after that, the first presentation day of this year eClub competition.  Join us too and compete for interesting prices. Looking to meet you at the next eClub meetings.