Friday, April 17, 2015

eClub Summer Camp, the best way to enjoy summer

I am proud to announce the eClub Summer Camp (ESC) 2015. Students join us to work on Big Data, Machine learning, Mobile apps, IoT etc. We offer great projects and scholarships. Startups and students with their own projects are welcomed too.

About twenty five students joined us in eClub Summer Camp (ESC) last summer. ESC participants were excited and many already asked when we start this summer.

When do we start? The good news is we are already opened in the new eClub incubator in The Blox, Evropská 11, 160 00 Praha 6.

Who can join?. ESC is for students, foreign students, doctoral students, anybody who is interested in building something new and innovative. We will also welcome startups teams with their own interesting projects.

What are the requirements? ESC will be opened for all university students in academic year 2015/16. We require a commitment of working minimum of 6 consecutive weeks in the ESC incubator on a chosen project.

What are the benefits? You may chose from a large number of interesting industrial projects. eClub will provide experienced mentors to help getting productive as soon as possible. We will organize presentations about new technologies, entrepreneurship introductory talks delivered by top experts etc. We will offer a scholarships up to ten thousands CZK per month. You will gain access to a large computer cluster.

What are the projects? We have attracted many more partners this year. ČVUT and companies Seznam, Avast, Jablotron, Certicon, Alza, Altron and the ČVUT Medialab foundation will support us not only with scholarships, but they are also providing interesting projects and data. The projects focus on Data, Mobile and Startup. The Data category includes projects from many areas, such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. In Mobile we want to welcome students or teams focusing on mobile devices, wearables and Internet of Things. We will also consider any suggestions for interesting projects in any high-tech field.

If you are interested let us know by filling-in this questionnaire, please. Stay tuned we will get back with more details soon. If you have any questions, just ask. Make your summer productive!