Thursday, February 19, 2015

A week of presentations

Yesterday I have started new course in the Big Data Technologies. The main focus is to give students hands on experience with the most popular Big Data framework Apache Hadoop. Students will solve basic problems from information retrieval on the Wikipedia data.

Today I am giving a presentation in a 5G course about Cloud Computing. The 5G RN is planned for 2020 and will bring tremendous improvement is speed and latency allowing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, including remote control (I2M). This will be a driving platform for real time Internet of Things (IoT).

Tomorrow I will present our activities in eClub in a conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The goal of the meeting is to enable the foreign industry university cooperation. Recently we have been very lucky to find local industrial partners requiring solving challenging problems and we have established great cooperation and I will write a separate blog soon.

On Saturday I am joining the New Media Inspiration conference, which  is about the digital lifestyle and is bringing together experts from many different areas. I am joining with a presentation about speech recognition, my old topic.

At first glimpse the topics may seem to be very incoherent, but in my view they pretty well show the latest trends. The Cloud Computing, Big Data and analytics are pushing ahead new kind of applications, such as the personal assistants (Siri, Google Now, Cortana). They all try to learn the human behavior and help people in everyday activities. They live on the most personal and most widespread device the smartphone. The are implemented as a SaaS in the cloud and people communicate with them by voice, the most natural way. All this is running on wireless networks. And the business part? The innovation, future, smart applications are created by independent developers or startups and this is a where the eClub is coming in play. We try to find motivated people and students put them together and let them work on interesting problems. Industrial partners are helping us with keeping focus as well as with funding.

Yes, we are looking for new students and startups. If you are interested to join us in eClub let me know.