Saturday, October 6, 2012

How are the eClub winning teams doing?

All three winning teams from the last run of the eClub were very busy during summer. They were happily developing their ideas and they have made significant progress.

The third team in the competition is smart2go. They want to develop a portal finding the nearest taxi and mange the interaction between taci driver and customer. The idea is simple: take your cell and with few clics order a taxi. The portal will inform the most suitable taxi driver and notify the customer once the driver commits the drive. Smart2go started with a simple mobile application Taxi guide for customers. It recognizes the customer location or alternatively you can enter the departure point and the destination can be typed in or selected clicking on a map. Pressing search returns a list of taxi provides starting with the cheapest one. One more click and you can call the taxi company. The application is very simple but provides the essential guidance. The real price is only estimated, but I still consider it very useful. Download it on the play market. The team has gotten over all the hurdles of putting an app on play. This is the basic exercise for continuing in the development of the full working application.

The second team Babywebik is focusing on a neat application for young parents. The server offers infrastructure for saving babies pictures, share them with family or friends and see the kids growing. Nice idea. The team was also very busy working from the Node 5 incubator. They are probably the most advanced team close to making the product running. They were already several times threatening with launching it and I am sure it is only few weeks away now. The team has also shown a strong business lead. They are busily discussing with the leading babies product manufacturers and resellers. The site is also offering an Internet store with babies’ products. All this is potentially securing reasonable income. Nice job!

The winning team the Techambition is also very dedicated and committed to develop good educational tools. They are focusing on high schools. During summer they have enhanced their basic web technology for creating interactive framework for easy content development. They have nicely designed goniometric functions class. Student can interactively learn what are the parameters and how they change the functions graphs. The goniometric functions are an ideal example for a graphical demonstration. This example really very well shows the power of interaction. The team has also got in touch with several high schools and received a valuable feedback. They have closed the first deal with a first school. Techambition is also discussing the development strategy with a similar team working from the Varick Incubator. The team still has a lot to do, the most difficult problem will be to develop more content and disseminate it to schools. But the team is on a good path to succeeded.

Join us next Monday Filip Molcan will share with us his experience developing and organizing his company.