Sunday, December 8, 2013

eClub Demo Day

The eClub Demo Day starts on Tuesday at ERA Svet. Join us with your project. We will award scholarships in two categories: the best Technology Transfer (TT) and the best Startup Plan (SP). First place 30k, second 20k, third 10k CZK in both categories.

Everybody is welcomed see the conditions for participation. How to prepare:
First of all register, we need to know how many teams will compete to plan properly.

The Google presentation manager format is welcomed. Presentations with an Internet link will save us time while eliminating the hassle with PC or flash memories. We have Internet connected iPad, which you can share. Certainly, if you chose different format we will handle it too.

Some more advices. The presentation must not be longer than 10 minutes. Be crisp, explain the most important points only. The first page should contain the project name, the team members names and the category (TT or SP).

How to put together the best presentation? I usually recommend the NABC approach:

  • Explain the NEED. What problem do you solve. Is it for industry in the TT category or for customers in the SP category.
  • APPROACH. How do you suggest solving the problem? What technologies can be used, how complicated it is, what is your experience in solving such problem, what is the trick!
  • BENEFIT. What is the benefit. The best approach is to quantify benefits. For example: how much faster is your solution, how much cheaper, is it easier to use. In TT what is the benefit for companies, in SP how would your startup benefit.
  • COMPETITION. Tell us who is your competition, how they solve the problem today and how much better is your idea.
If all goes fine, we plan to announce the list of winners at the end of the Demo Day. Bring your friends to support you during the presentation. I am looking forward to see all of you on Tuesday.