Monday, March 24, 2014

FIT & FEL in eClub.

eClub is stepping forward to increase  cooperation between university and industry. The FIT and FEL teams will present their work in Cloud Computing, Big Data and Computational Intelligence. Join us on 11th April at 14:00 in the ERA SvÄ›t!

The business competition is getting more and more dependent on data across all industries. To stay competitive managers need to do decisions with the best knowledge of the whole business landscape. Banks, hospitals, GSM providers, surveillance cameras, automotive industry and others are generating tons of data.  How to analyze, how to understand, how to take advantage of the data? Cloud, Big Data processing and analytics are the tools helping us to collect, process and present the information from Internet and other sources. It is inevitable for all companies willing to stay competitive to invest and effectively use these tools. The universities play an important role in researching new ways and algorithms. The FIT and FIT teams and our students are working on many interesting problems from the fields of statistical modeling, data mining, and analytics in general. We want to inform you about what we do and show how to benefit from it.

Historically the cooperation between industry and universities is not great in the Czech Rep. Here are few reasons why we need to change this. Many PhDs want to test their research results in real. Many MSc students are asking to work on practical problems to get better motivation, to get introduced to their future employers. We need to modify the curriculum to reflect the future needs. This can be accomplished only by working more closely with businesses.

The business benefits too! The universities introduce students interested in particular problems to real projects suggested by companies. Very frequently students working on their MSc thesis in a company get familiar with the problem and become employees. Many companies do not have resources or knowledge to focus on some of the more complicated problems, We can become an external R&D. The university staff is a good source of experts, good place to start search for new solutions, to consult, to innovate.

To accomplish all of this we need to start a dialog between universities and industry. It is difficult for a company expert to formulate a good MSc or PhD problem. Faculties are of a great help in translating the problem to a language understandable to students and introducing students the task to make things happen. This requires us getting together more frequently finding a common language.

eClub and our FIT & FEL teams will show the latest research results in the fields such as recommender systems, document classification, sentiment analysis, customer behaviour, infrastructure for cloud and big data etc. We will demonstrate the practical implications of our work in a series of carefully crafted presentations. We will pay special attention to emphasize the practical aspects, keeping the things simple, making them understandable. Our hope is that new ideas will spark and inspire you.  We also hope finding new partners during the follow up networking.

Join us and find new innovative solutions for your businesses. RSVP