Sunday, May 11, 2014

eClub Summer Camp

I am proud to announce the first eClub Summer Camp 2014 for students working in Big Data, Mobile or on their Startups. It will be open from July till middle of September. Join us! Here is the a short summary.

I have ran a small survey in March and I found a considerable number of students is ready to work during the summer on interesting projects. Almost 100 students provided feedback, see the results on graphs. The results inspired me and my partners in organizing the first eClub Summer Camp (ESC). The partners are: Seznam, Samsung, CVUT Medialab, FIT, FEL, CIIRC, IAESTE and I hope, I will add some more. We will start beginning of July in the CVUT Dejvice. The ESC is for students, foreign students, doctoral students, anybody who is interested in building something new and innovative. We will also welcome startups teams with their own interesting projects.

The ESC will have three categories Big Data, Mobile and Startup. The Big Data category includes projects from the following areas: Big Data, Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. In the Mobile category we want to welcome students or teams focusing on mobile devices especially on the new wave of wearables. We will also add to this category advanced Internet applications. We are looking forward to work with teams of students in the Startups category on entrepreneurial projects. We will propose a list of interesting projects for the Big Data category, if you do not have your own. We expect students in the Mobile and Startup categories to join ESC with their own ideas.

What are the requirements? ESC will operate during the July till middle of September period. You have to make a commitment to work minimum of 6 consecutive weeks in the ESC labs in the Dejvice campus on the agreed project. You will be requested to start with a short, not more than one page long essay explaining your chosen project in general words. Before the end of your stay you will have to complete a report summarizing your work. Do not worry we will tell you how to produce these documents, it is easy. You may join a competition for the best app and startup.

eClub will provide experienced mentors in all categories to help in fast and productive start and get over the initial problems. We will organize interesting presentations about smart and mobile apps. We also prepare the entrepreneurship introductory talks with top experts. Upon signing a contract we will provide a scholarship of eight thousands CZK per month. We will organize introductory and very practical course (duration of 2 hours) for our Big Data cluster. It will support the Big Data processing including Hadoop. We will give you access to large data sets in the order of TB for the Big Data category. We will provide a large selection of interesting problems for the Big Data category including machine learning, text retrieval, document classification, recommender systems, meta search etc. We will provide tools and devices for the mobile category. We will introduce startups to VCs.

If you are interested let us know by filling-in this questionnaire, please. The ESC will be organized with many industrial partners and academic supporters. Stay tuned I will get back with more detail soon. If you have any questions, just ask. Make your summer productive.