Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Samsung and eClub competition demo day

We are approaching the Samsung and eClub competition demo day. It is scheduled for Monday December 3rd. eClubbers will present new applications for the Samsung mobile devices, join us for a great show.

In this season we have organized slightly different competition than before. In cooperation with Samsung we have asked eClubbers to create applications for the latest Samsung mobile devices Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy Note with the S-Pen. As of today, we have eight entrants. I have been working with most of them and I must confess they worked hard. eClub also provided to some of them testing devices. We have also been answering and helping solving questions concerning the certification process. Most of the applications are already approved by Samsung.

Currently we work with our friends in Samsung on selecting the panel of judges. The judges will focus on the graphical quality. They will evaluate how the applications take advantage of the unique features of the Samsung devices. Also it will be very important for the evaluation how inventive and entertaining the apps are. The stability and technical quality of apps should be already validated, since all applications need to comply with the certification.

3rd of December is the demo day. All teams will have the opportunity to introduce  their applications. The organization will be simple. Each team will have a ten minutes time slot to explain their application. We expect the teams to use the web apps pages, which are part of the competition rules. Certainly, a presentation in power point or a YouTube movie are welcomed too. We are all looking for a great show. Do not forget that a stunning presentation is at least 50% of success. Do you homework and prepare something interesting. The application also needs to be technically good. The judges will download the apps to the tablets and notes and test them before the demo day. We will leave one week to judges to deliver their decision. The winners will be announced 10th of December. All presentations will be video recorded and we will put them on the eClub pages.

Do not forget and make a note to your calendar the demo day is on Monday the 3rd of December, plan to join us, it will be a great show.