Monday, November 15, 2010

Steven Willmott - Presentation

Steven Willmott is the CEO of 3scale networks - an API infrastructure provider based in Barcelona, Spain, London UK and Sunnyvale California.
3scale provides tools and services to companies opening APIs to partners and developers and helps them reach their audiences.
Abstract: Wired Magazine's incendiary article on the 'Death of the Web' may have used some questionable reasoning but underlined how quickly the structure of the Web and the Internet are changing. One of the biggest factors of change is in how companies delivering services and content are re-orientating their offerings around Web Services and APIs in order to server partners and users in new ways - making HTML websites just one of the many channels for creating Web/Internet experiences. While this trend still has much to play out, in this talk we'll cover trends, examples and changes that are already visible and guess at how they might play out in the future.

When: Wednesday Nov 24, 18:00
Where: Dejvice (T2:C3-337)