Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eucalyptus: we are almost there

It is quite some time I have reported our progress on using Eucalyptus for our image processing group. We are trying to design a frontend application with my MSc students. It controls Matlab experiments on a cluster of workstations in one of our classrooms. During the day the comps are used for education running WIN. We are switching to Eucalyptus at night. The RoR frontend application handles ACL management, collects Matlab scripts and pushes them to a queue (RabitMQ). It starts the EMIs, mounts NFS, launches the scripts. The images files are read and saved over NFS.  The logs, errors and status info are pushed to an output queue. The RoR app displays processes status and saves logs. The frontend app is running as a stand alone app on Mac today. We are still having little problems creating the right EMI with properly installed RoR. Most likely, we identified the problem and I hope, we will be able running scripts on multiple machines under Eucalyptus really soon.  Stay tuned I’ll let you know as soon as all runs.

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