Monday, May 7, 2012

eClub Demo Day

We will run the eClub Summer Demo Day this Wednesday (May 9th). Teams will present their business projects and will compete for awards: scholarships and mentors. We managed to get together stellar jury and we are looking forward for this top event.

The presentations will take place as usual at the Czech Technical University at Karlovo nam. 13. See below the General rules and the Jury  rules for evaluating the projects. Currently, we have thirteen teams registered. Let's hope they all will show up and present great ideas.

How are we going to organize the event? First we will welcome jury and introduce all members. Then we will draw for the teams presentations order. Each presentation will be max 10 min and we will insist on being punctual. Few jury questions will be allowed but we will be strict in pushing all fast ahead. I am requesting all teams to show up well ahead and install the presentations on the local computer to save time while switching the teams. We need to keep jury busy! This time I am also hoping to have the results fast. We have larger number of jury members. Therefore the system will be simpler. Each member will select top three teams. The first team will get three, second two and third one point. The team with the largest number of points will be the winner. In case of a draw Ondrej the jury chairman will decide.

If you have a team, which satisfies the below conditions and you want to compete you still have a chance to register and join us. All of you who are interested in watching the competing teams come and join and bring your friends with you. Everybody is welcomed!

General rules

eClub is planning to award the first three teams with a three months scholarship for the academic summer semester 2012.

  • Student members of the winning teams will receive a monthly scholarship of between 5-15 thousands Kc. 
  • There has to at least one student of a Czech University or high school in the team.
  • Maximum two students in the team will be awarded. 
  • We will not allow winners of other startup competitions (1-3 place).
  • eClub will try to get a mentor for each of the winning teams. 
  • The scholarship is awarded to support work on the proposed project during summer. The mentor and the eClub will monitor the progress. 
  • Teams receiving the scholarship must document the progress (github,, blog, ...)
  • eClub reserves the right to suspend the scholarship if the awarded team will stop or suspend the work on the project.
  • The scholarship suspension will be a joined mentor and eClub representative decision.

Jury rules

The jury will evaluate the proposed projects based on the 5 P of an investment rules:

  • Quality of a problem: how big is the market need of the proposed idea
  • Potential: how big is the potential target market size
  • People & Passion: who are the founders, what are their abilities and how big is their commitment
  • Payment: how well is defined the monetization of the proposal
  • Prove it: how well is defined the basic idea, what are the essential steps to turn the idea to a business, presentation quality.

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