Sunday, January 20, 2013

eClub Summer 2013 plan

The fifth series of eClub meetings starts in February. eClub wants help creating new teams and introduce them in the essentials of building new business. The teams will compete for the best startup plan awards in the middle of May.

We will surprise you with a lot of changes. We are moving out of the CTU classrooms to new Era Svet rooms at a really distinguished place right in the heart of Prague at Jungmanovo nam. It is also a great place for networking and enjoying coffee after each presentation. The meeting rooms are equipped with projectors, speakers, and cameras connected to Internet. This will simplify streaming and recording. We plan to stream our sessions to cooperate with people from the whole Czech Republic.

Currently we are putting together a plan, see the eClub page. This year I am not alone. I am happy, that Jan Vesely is joining me in preparations. He is bringing in the economical and marketing perspective, which is important for technologist. We had a lot of discussion about what should be the presentations directions, what are the hottest problems or question. Finally, we agreed we will concentrate only on two observations. The first observation is people want to get connected.

We have decided we will try helping all eClub friends, students and young graduates to meet, create new teams and starting new business. Mainly we will focus on in the IT segment, but other segments are welcomed too. Most of the students of the technical universities have good programming skills. but they are lacking the business insight. The schools of economy students are on the other hand searching for example for programmers. All of them need graphical designers and many other skills to work on new ideas. eClub is the place to get all of you together. The networking will be an integral part of this year events.

The second observation is, students do not know how to systematically work on creating startup. We have been discussing how to change this. Finally we have decided to loosely follow the well known lean startup strategy.  Not a big surprise, but lean startup works.

We hope, people will meet and form at least preliminary teams during the initial networking. They will come up with some business idea. The eClub meetings then will walk them through the basic steps of turning their idea to real business. The presentations followed by exercises. Between the educational presentations we will throw also motivational presentations by some of the successful entrepreneurs. We wish and hope the teams will finish the whole course with a plan for making things happen. They will show what they learned in the presentation day. in front of a panel of judges. The best teams will get a great award. We work with several industrial partners raising money and we hope, we will collect enough to send the best team for a stay in one of the US incubators during summer. We also plan to award the second and the third team. We are happy to invite everybody who wants to be part of a new team as well as those who already have teams. Basically there are only two simple conditions. The teams need to have at least one student in this academic year at any Czech university. Teams already awarded i other competitions are not allowed.

This is the first information, if you have any question contact us. If you have a suggestion let us also know. If you have some friends in a company, who can help us funding our events let me know too. Sent this blog link to all your friends who may be potentially interested in our endeavor, especially those outside Prague. Everybody is welcomed to join. We want to put together programmers with economists, marketers, graphical designers, there is a place for everybody. Stay tuned there will be soon more on our pages. In the mean time look at our new YT video. See you in eClub.

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