Monday, February 24, 2014

Do you want to have fun in summer?

eClub wants to work closer with students teams in the eClub Summer Camp. We want to help creating startups or finding for you an interesting industrial project. I have prepared a short questionnaire to find out your interests.

I am planning with all the eClubbers new Summer Camp.  During the summer vacations we want to put together a community of students of  Czech Technical Universities. We are envisioning to incubate teams having their own plans as well as students interested in developing projects in various fields of IT. The project you can chose from are coming from our industrial partners. The reason is simple, we want you to deliver something what is real, what is solving a practical problem. We also want to work with startupers, specifically early stages.

The eClub Summer Camp will be located in the campus of the CVUT Dejvice in very well equipped rooms. The CVUT MediaLab will support us with scholarships. We will invite many industry experts to help you with your projects. You will meet your peers and have a great fun.

Right now we need your help. We want to know your interests. For this purpose I have prepared a questionnaire with few questions. Fill it in, please and join us for a wonderful summer!  

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