Tuesday, June 10, 2014

eClub Summer Camp introductory meeting

The eClub Summer Camp (ESC) preparations continue. We are inviting you for an introductory, jump start meeting June 24th to meet mentors and learn about the projects.

We have busily worked the last weeks on the organizational details of the ESC. We have made a big progress. Because of the organizational reasons, we have to postpone the beginning of the ESC for two weeks. To not disappoint you and to give you a jump start let's meet on 24. June.

The main goal of the jump start meeting is the project discussion and selection. We are very much looking forward to hear about your own ideas, prepare a short 10 min presentation, please. We are also very anxious to introduce our projects in the data section. In plain language we will explain what are the suggested projects about and why we should try to solve them. We want you to be as excited about our project as we are. During the jump start meeting we want to justify the projects importance and explain out what problem they solve.

The jump start meeting will start at 9:00. You will meet with your pears and mentors who will be helping you. We will open with a short personal introduction, then we will give a high level description of the ESC focus and will continue with general discussion. I hope, all mentors will be available throughout the day for appointments, for a discussion. We recommend you you finishing the jump start meeting with some idea about your future project and scheduling a meeting with the appropriate mentors to discuss details. If you have your own project also select a mentor and show the short presentation.

The official kick off is the July 14th. You have the opportunity to use the two weeks for a project selection if you do not chose any project during the first presentation. If you pick up one you can start with the link below the project description and begin working on the first milestone, the current state of the art review.

The ESC will take place in two locations. One will be on the top floor of the Faculty of Civil Engineering building CVUT Dejvice. The other place is the study room of the VIC center in Klokner Institute also Dejvice. In both places we will have the Eduroam and wired Ethernet access. The rooms are air-conditioned.

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions, we are all looking forward to work on interesting high-tech problems and waiting for you great ideas.

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