Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am on a Jury

I am sensing something is going on in the Czechia. After we started meetings in our eClub I am meeting more and more people interested in startups. There are two activities similar to eClub at the Faculty of Economics in Prague Cach Flow and BizIT. There was a two days competition ipo48. And finally today Pavel Curda announced an API MushUp Contest. In addition I am on the jury. Great, I am really pleased to see around people trying to discover new opportunities and enthusiastic enough to help growing them. I am eagerly looking forward to see the results of eClub competition and API Mushup Contest too. I have also learned a lesson the ipo48 ant the Mashup Contest have English pages. This is encouraging me to switch the eClub web to English soon. Many friends of mine, not speaking Czech, want to to read it and contribute too.
If you are interested do not wait join us, cooperate, work on your own ideas, and most of all enjoy the adventures journey.


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