Monday, February 28, 2011

Cloud Computing Center

What is going on in my group? Currently, I am helping five MSc students working on their dissertations and the first doctoral student is joining the team. In addition I giving classes in Web Application design and I am running several other projects, such as eClub, Eucalyptus private cloud etc.
Let me introduce my students and their projects. Josef Sin prepares a system for running a workload-planning algorithm on AWS. He is designing a simple web application in RoR, which will make it easy for researches to run large tasks on EC2. The app user interface will allow the administrator to manage access rights, computational quotas, upload the execution code, data and download results.
Tomas Barina and Patrik Lenart work on NoSQL databases. Patrik is looking at Cassandra and Hadoop and Tomas at MongoDB, Couchdb and Riak. Both are using the databases to store emails handling terabytes of data. The databases and email processing (qmail) will run on a cluster of 10 servers with sufficient size of disc space.
With Vojta Novak we try to develop a web application using gData API. We are looking at ways how to cluster users contacts on a Google Apps domain. The simplest clustering may be based on company affiliation. First, we will use tags, next email addresses. But there are many other possibilities to cluster contacts, emails, documents, calendars etc.
Michal Zima works in the field of business processes. The focus is again on SaaS approach. Currently, we are analyzing existing web applications.
Finally, Filip is in. As of tomorrow, he is my first doctoral student. He is starting to work on Rapid Application Tools for web design. See my previous blogs.
We've all heard the phrase "grow or die. We have to grow not only bigger but smarter too. Therefor watch this blog. I'll be looking for students interested in a doctoral position in the field of cloud computing. Especially, I am looking for candidates interested in cloud infrastructure, large DBs, security etc. In the nearest future I will post a doctoral position description.
To conclude, I have started several projects in the Cloud Computing while building traction, getting more people to an „active mode“. To keep the momentum and motivate the students we need to create for us a new home. We are starting the Cloud Computing Center.


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