Thursday, February 17, 2011

eClub first meeting

we have met for the first time in the eClub last night. I have described what is the motivation, how we will meet and what are the benefits. Our sponsor Ondrej Bartos from Credo Ventures followed with a short contribution and good jokes. The whole meeting was recorded. Check out eClub web site, as soon as the video processing is finished we will publish it. While on the eClub web make a registration, please. We can better inform you about all the benefits. The start was solid and I am looking for the next meeting presented by Radovan Janecek today CA VP. With Roman Stanek they started and sold Systinet, great story. All of you who have not made it to the first meeting you are welcome to meet us next Wednesday. Try to compete for the best prototype proposal and win the trip to Silicon Valley incubator.

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