Friday, February 18, 2011


Last week I have met Jan Korbel and Lukáš Konarovský the authors of the famous Fakturoid application. They are big fans of Ruby on Rails, and they have a sense for clean and simple web design. They took advantage of their skills and designed a nifty application. I like the minimalistic graphical design with green buttons, btw. - my favorite color. I like the layout, very simple and easy to go around. Most of all, I like the Faktoruoid architecture. It is an example of the cloud approach. Cloud has many advantages. No need to download and install any files, there is no upfront investment, you just register. Your data is stored in the cloud you can access it from any place, any time and any device with a browser. You pay for the usage as you go, once you are bored and want to upgrade you just stop paying and start to use something different. Ruby on Rails is easy and quick for development and provides a clean REST API separating the server and client.
Yes, the data is in the cloud, somewhere on the Internet. Yes, you may ask a question how vulnerable is the data, what is the procedure to backup the data on my machine, what is the SLA, meaning what is the guarantied up time, RPO, RTO, what will happened if Fakturoid disappears etc. and these are valid questions. The same set of questions applies to many cloud apps today and I am not going to answer them. I think, we just need to strike a balance between the value of the data and the benefits of the application. Different users with different needs will answer differently. I am a believer of cloud and I suppose, cloud will evolve and provide solutions for many different requirements. As of today, I wish Fakturoid all the best, I like it. Let’s hope we see more of these. I’ll keep you updated ….


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