Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eucalyptus private cloud at CVUT

Summer semester starts on Monday, therefore our cloud experiments will move to nights. Thanks to Tomas and Dan the Eucalyptus private cloud software is installed and running in the class room 132. The grub dual boot software allows luanching Windows after computers power on and waking them up over etherwake and reboot cloud sw at 8:00PM. Eucalyptus runs on a special version of Debian. The Cloud controller and Walrus (storage service) are running on a larger server virtualized under VMware with access to RAID storage. The basic system works, we can launch EMI’s (Eucaliptus Machine Image), this is Eucalyptus equivalent of AWS AMI. We can stop them, we can do the very basic house keeping. The idea is to use the computers to run heavy-duty number crunching for the Computer Machine Perception group. We need to write a small application to push the computational tasks to a queue during the day and let them run at night. The next step is write a small control web app to make this easy. We work on a similar problem in AWS (josin). Who has some know-how with these apps? We need testers ...

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