Tuesday, February 15, 2011

eClub lectures

Here is the plan for the first six lectures in the eclub:

16.2. Jan Sedivy, CVUT FEL - What is eClub, what will you learn, what can you get
23.2. Radovan Janecek, VP, Software Engineering at CA Technologies. Sistinet case study, from one man startup to exit.
2.3. Petr Koubsky, IT Market Analyst, Supply isn't demand, project isn't product - how to turn an innocent passer-by into user and user into customer.
9.3. Ondrej Bartos, Credo Ventures - How to build a successful start up. How to win the competition for the best entrepreneurial idea, who and how are we going to select the winners.
16.3. Lucie Havlickova, Pesronal Development CZ, s.r.o. How to do a presentation
23.3. Projects presentation - first round (Max 10Min), Lucie Havlíčková consulting


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