Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cloud Computing Center grows

I was a member of the PhD students committee last week and I managed to push trough two Tomas students: Tomas Barina and Tomas Vondra. Both of them, of course will focus on cloud computing.

Tomas B. works for IBM, but he has 40% time reserved for self-education in his contract. He wants to devote this time working on his PhD.  His diploma work was in the field of NoSQL databases and he wants to pursue this work in his PhD project. We plan to look at some advanced methods for organizing the data structure, optimizing the replications etc.  Patrik Lenart was the other student writing his theses in NoSQL databases. We are putting together a comprehensive paper summarizing their findings.

Tomas Vondra has just recently graduated too. His diploma work was focusing on testing GSM gateways. But the cloud computing problems are pulling him to our group. He is a very talented computer geek with a passion for collecting ancient computer parts. He has a lot of experience in administering, fixing and tuning computers. He has installed for us the Eucalyptus cloud OS and he is still supervising the development. We would like to contribute  with him to optimum distribution of tasks in hybrid clouds. There is lot of problems associated with task execution planning.

Ivan Kutil is joining our group to work on his diploma thesis. He is a MSc student at the Faculty of economics in Prague. He is interested in business aspects of Google Apps. Mainly, what GA offer to MSBs, what are the typical problems to switch to GA etc. He is also running his company www.appsatori.eu. The company helps customers with GA conversion and installation problems.

I am also very happy about Vojta Jina joining our group. He has an experience working for UK based software companies. He has learned a lot, but his adventure had almost damaging impact on his university carrier. It was five after twelve when we saved him. His job is to make two semesters in 6 month. He is doing well, but he is in a hurry since he already works for Google. He moves to Mountain View in September. He will do his diploma work also in our group. Vojta is big fan of Javascript. He contributes to the Angular project in Google. His idea is to write a new much better Javascript testing engine and I am looking forward to join him in this work.

I am looking for new students. There are new projects descriptions at our university pages. If you know some enthusiastic, self-motivating and hardworking individuals let me know the CCC is greatest home for you.

We believe in Cloud!


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