Monday, July 11, 2011

Tonda + Tomas = 8

We are eight people in the Cloud Computing Center. Tomas and Tonda our students have joined us today and they are already enjoying the world of web applications. It is their first university year, but they are already experienced programmers. Their first design was a very successful robot, which they have build at a middle school.
Together we have started a development of a web-based application with a native client for Android.. The server site will run on Google App Engine. The client server communication will use REST API. Filipe has done the first preoperational or organizational step, he has designed a git server where the code is saved. The second step is to develop a very basic code for the server and client application and display some small piece of text on Android. We hope this will work on Friday. I will announce the application very soon
I am looking for students interested in iOS for Apple mobile devices.


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