Friday, July 15, 2011

CCC + Google

Vojta Jina is a Google employee, who is finishing his MSc in our Cloud Computing Center (CCC) at CTU. Vojta is big fan / promoter of JavaScript and Test Driven Development (TDD). At Google he works on an open source project AngularJS. AngularJS is a great platform for building web apps, written in JavaScript. In our center he works on a HelpDesk client application. We plan to publish the HelpDesk application as an open source example showing how to use AngularJS. Actually, we have larger plans with HelpDesk and I am planning to announce them soon.
I am supervising his thesis and I am really looking forward to start the real work. So far we have several times discussed the topic and Vojta is already doing the preparatory studies. The JavaScript development and especially AngularJS is heavily relying on TDD. Test function is a must for every new functionality. The code is repeatedly tested during the whole development cycle. TDD is the only way how to keep larger JavaScript applications under control. The problem is even larger, different browsers use different JavaScript interpreters, with different behavior. Therefore we need an engine testing all interpreters during the development. There are some testing engines with this capability to support the development, but they are not covering the whole problem flawlessly. Our vision is to design and implement new testing engine satisfying all developer's requirements. This is the grand idea of Vojta’s thesis. We are going to put the code to public domain and I'm looking forward to inform you about the progress.

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  1. Great work!

    I'm masters student from Gothenburg University. Would love to read thesis report, as soon as its available.