Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini Seedcamp Prague

I have met lot of  interesting people yesterday at the Mini Seedcamp in Prague. Seedcamp is an early-stage micro seed investment fund and mentoring program. I was happy to be a mentor. In the morning we saw all twenty participating teams giving very short presentation. In the afternoon mentors created groups of three and had one to one discussion with selected teams. Discussions were limited to 45 min. I had a chance to talk to five teams. During the sessions mentors tried to analyze teams proposals, find weak points and suggest further steps. We have finished the day in the nearby Friends Coffee House.
Working with teams was lively experience for me, I always enjoy to think how to move the company ahead how to define the next steps in their journey to market. As usually many of the companies were very technologically and less business oriented.
I liked very systematic approach of the Indoors startup. They provide the indoor location capabilities. Subjects are localized using the wifi and installed application.  My second favorite is the Qminder from Estonia. Beside of wearing a lovely stocking cap they introduced a great app to line people to a queue with smart phones. Nice, simple, easy to understand. The only drawback, it is easy to copy.
It was a fantastic event. I had the opportunity to meet many important people from the local as well as international startup community. During the breaks we had time enough for discussions and networking. I am also hoping there will be more than two startups from the Czech Republic next time. Great event we need more of them in Prague!

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