Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Samsung tablets at CTU

Samsung has donated 50 Galaxy 10.1 tablets to support mobile apps development at CTU. Samsung President and CTU Medialab representative have signed the contract in presence of the CTU president.

Fantastic, first of all, this is the best news for my students of the Internet Applications Development course (VIA). The tablets will be the main development and testing tool in this course.

Why tablets? It is clear that tablets will gaining bigger and bigger share. I believe, a tablet application saving the data in the cloud will dominate the future Internet. They will be used in many segments of the industry including universities. In general the mobile devices will generate large, probably the largest part of the Internet traffic. Students need to learn the art of these applications development.

What are the steps in our project? I’d like to walk students through the whole development cycle of Android apps storing the data on Google App Engine. We started with product specification and currently the we work on product valuation. At the end of the course each team has to demonstrate working app. In my view the key difference to other theoretical courses is the problem oriented approach and hands-on experience.

I am looking forward to see the first team showing the tablet with working application. Track the teams development steps on their web pages or you can read my regular reports, click the VIA tag.


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