Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Media Lab supports education, research and startups.

The Czech Technical University Media Lab Foundation supports students from Czech technical universities in three directions: scholarship to support study at foreign universities, advanced research projects and recently also seed money for startup. Media Lab is actively raising money from Czech industrial partners. 

Once a year Media Lab organizes workshop to present the results of the supported projects to public. We have again met all the supported students last Thursday. We saw fprojects from various fields. Two teams were working in the local Automaker Skoda on a new methods for 3D presentation. The project researched new methods for virtual presentation of the cockpit equipment and real time 3D virtual presentation. Both team worked in Mlada Boleslav in Skoda research headquarters. Foundation also supported Tomáš Siege student of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering to take part in Berkeley summer course in mining and modeling of neuroscience data. He has presented his follow up research of equipment helping the Parkinson’s disease patients. This year for the first time the Foundation also supported a startup oriented stay in PlugAndPlay Tech Center in California. Peter Somlo was the first one enjoying the entrepreneurial atmosphere in Silicon Valley. In his presentation he has explained what he learned from the courses and how he has joined one of the startups during his stay. The easyWall team was the second who were incubated to PlugAndPlay during this summer. They are the winners of the last series of the eClub. They won with the easyWall project but after discussion with VCs in Valley they have dropped it and currently they are starting a new project in the field of TV for education Meta. During the workshop we have also voted for the best project. The winners were Marek Votroubek and Monika Svedirohova. They have presented a mobile robot for rough terrain. They brought the robot with them for the presentation and explained the very interesting and innovative design. Great!

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