Sunday, November 6, 2011

New projects - eClub

Entrepreneurs Club is bringing together students enthusiastic about new technologies, innovation, cooperation and startups. eClub introduces the best entrepreneurs, marketers, technologists and vcs motivating and inspiring students to start their own projects and businesses. 

We had the first round of presentations in the eClub,  check the videos. We have 8 teams presenting their projects, similarly as last time. The proposed projects are all Internet applications, some of them are addressing the mobile market. Here is short introduction of the projects:

Helpdesk team is proposing a mobile/web application. The client allows users to take a picture, save the GPS location and add a comment or question. The collected information is send to an operator. User gets the reply to mobile - simple easy to understand.
CloudCardz team wants to make the business cards exchange easier by scanning the QR code with mobile phone. Simplification and exchange speedup of a personal information using cell phone is a great idea.
WebDop has the ambition to help users to follow their friends easily on all social sites they may use – not simple but very useful.
An early version of SetYourSchedule is already used by some business and the author wants to make it more general and offer it globally.
Favorite connections is a public transport app. It has already strong competition but the team is betting on new features and additional know-how in their design.
I like the idea of the Boring-o-meter. It is a simple moving hand standing in front of the audience. The hand shows the crowd happiness collected through cell phones. If we use it in the next eClub session we definitely will call it happiness meter, there is nothing boring in the eClub…
ConTutor team wants to help all students of foreign languages. The app helps finding a tutor, give him a rating. It also handles payments. Get a friend for foreign language conversations – nice idea, very helpful.
The last project is focusing on 3D business people trying to find easier and cheaper ways using 3D-SaaS apps. Very demanding but it also may be very rewarding.

All teams tried their best to introduce new ideas. They have another few weeks to improve ideas before the final presentation. The jury will vote for the best teams and the Media Lab Foundation will award the best teams with a scholarship to help them to turn their applications to real offerings.

We already had several interesting speakers in the eClub this year. We met successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley Hubert Palan. Vitek Valka has explained how he has developed one of the best stores with photos PixMax. Jan Matejka gave us introduction to soft skills. Tereza, Vojta and Pier gave us some insight to Silicon Valley incubators. We continue next Monday with Ondrej Bartos presentation. Join us!

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