Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Final presentations - eClub

eClub is finishing. We met for the final round of presentations on Monday 12.12. Twelve teams were presenting their projets for startups and competing for prices. We will announce the winners next Monday 19.12.

The crowd was huge. At least sixty people gathered for the finals. The atmosphere was great. We started with introducing jury. Next we drew the order of presentations. We also had to add two last minute teams to the competition. This time 12 teams were competing and it is four more than last time. Also, based on the first reaction of jury, the quality of presentations was higher. We watched several short YT movies. The graphical appearance of presentations was great, we have seen several very interesting and eye catching shows. Also the content was according to the recommended format: team members’ introduction, the problem statement and suggested solution. All of them paid close attention to monetization, marketing, addressable market etc. It is clear that all participants have learned how to present. All presentations with short annotations are on eClub pages. Thanks to the Meta TV, who worked with us the whole semester, we will soon have on our pages the presentation videos. They will hlep to the jury members who did not make it to the final presentation. It is also for our overseas members.

The number of new emerging competitions is growing world wide as well as in our country. Some of the teams had already tried their luck elsewhere. We probably should allow competing only teams with no award from other competitions. Next time we also need to watch closely the clock some of the presentations were too long and the whole meeting took almost three hours. At 9:30 the university concierge kicked us out reminding us on the closing hour (9:00).

The best news: CityAdventures team competing in the last eClub is close to launch their product. The EasyWall team has pivoted and it is now running Meta TV company. Some other students, who were competing last time are part of new startups. Great, and I hope we will see more and more startups growing  from the university environment. Watch us next year, currently we are preparing the program.

Overall, the final presentations were big success: lot of people, good quality of presentations, more projects, better focus. Come next Monday we will announce the winners. Misko Hevery from Google Mountain View will follow with a presentation about the Trends in IT. I am looking forward to see you on Monday!

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