Friday, March 30, 2012

eClub Demo Day 1.

we are meeting for the first dry run Demo Day next Wednesday. Come to present and test your business idea in front of the viewers. Get the first feedback. 
We have seen already six presentations in the eClub in this season. Olda Neubeger has attracted almost two hundred viewers.

Last eClub presentation

Last Wednesday we have met in the HUB again and we have been streaming to seven other universities. Olda Neuberger was the invited speaker. He talked about his many Internet projects. Mainly he focused on his most successful portal He started deep in the history and explained how was the Internet changing, how were the users interests developing.  He was also commenting on the technological advances required to respond to these changes.

Olda was then talking about the business on the Internet. He has been involved in almost fifty different projects in the last decade and it makes him one of the most experienced entrepreneurs on the Czech Internet. I am sure he has inspired lot of the eClub visitors. As usually at the end lot of questions popped up from the audience and also from the remote locations. After the presentation we enjoyed little refreshment combined with networking. Great success! Olda thank you, very inspiring. Check out the eClub video page, we will soon publish the link to the recorded video.

eClub Demo Day 1

Next week we are getting ready for the first demo day. The first teams will present their fresh ideas and business proposals. The purpose of this dry run is to share your idea, to learn how to present it and how to attract the audience. We do not expect you will present finished products, we do not expect even a pilot. The purpose of the dry run is ideas review. We welcome wide range of projects we are not limited to Internet projects only. As usual I expect many questions from the audience and many follow up discussions. This is actually the most important part of this exercise. Starup after all, is an organization created to search for a working business model. It is a search for customers, who will buy the product. For many teams it will be for the first time to present their idea and get the public opinion. Do not forget, the viewers are the  potential customers. This is the ideal time to get the first customers opinion, to find out and understand what they want. Secondly you can try to find colleagues who may join your team or help you to expand or modify your idea.

The rules are very simple. Let me repeat the basics. Any team is welcomed to join us. There has to be at least one student in the team. The teams should ideally have at least two members. How to prepare the presentation? You can find the basics on the eClub pages. It should not be longer then 10 minutes. It will be presented in English. You can use any presentation manager. It will be useful if you can send us the files in advance. To get better idea about the presentation format you can check the finalists from the last season on the eClub page. Your presentation will be recorded too. Watch yourself in the recorded video, this will help you to uncover problems in your presentation.

What is most important? In the presentation you should try to focus on the essential idea. Try to explain what is the added or new value your product is bringing to customers. Do not hesitate to step in front of the crowd even with a simple idea, they are easy to explain, easy to understand and it is big advantage.

Come and join us, you cannot loose! Present of join other team. Let us know and register at eClub.


  1. I was suprised how bad organized everything was. People who wanted participate did not get any information at all about anything


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