Monday, March 5, 2012

eClub - great presentation

Karel Janecek has visited  eClub. The presentation was streamed to nine locations. The total number of viewers is around 250. The response is fantastic.

Almost hundred people met in HUB Prague last Wednesday to meet Karel Janecek and listen to his RSJ computing story. Karel was great, with enthusiasm he has explained  the up and downs of his company crowned by phenomenal success. RSJ algorithmic trading is the market maker at two major stock markets London and Boston. The importance of education especially mathematics for running technological startup is the most valuable message. Karel is a scientist in is heart: “If I did not start my company I would have end up in a research institution” he says. The presentation was very lively with lot of interesting details. At the end Karel answered many questions and met a lot of viewers for a personal talk. If you missed the presentation find the video on eCl;ub pages. Great success.

We will meet Jan Sova owner of the Workswell startup next Wednesday. The MediaLab, which is the eClub sponsor,  helped with a small sum of money to his success. He is going to show the practical side of running startup in the Czech Republic. He will explain the legal requirements to run a startup. His company develops HW too and this is requiring extra law compliance. This time we will meet again at the Karolovo namesti. We will record the presentation. You will find it at the usual place.

eClub has funded seven top teams from the winter 2011 competition. All received mentors and scholarship for three months. We are approaching the first check point. The mentor and the eClub representative will review the progress and decide about further funding. So far all the teams are doing well.

We are planning new competition for the best startup project again. I hope, we will see lot of new teams and especially lot of new ideas. The competition has the following steps steps:

  • Register
  • Dry run
  • The presentation in front of an international jury. 
  • win, get seed money and execute

The dry run is a sort of a test, you will find how well you can explain your idea. Your performance in front of the crowd will also bring you first feedback and in many cases it will help you to improve the business idea. In the final presentation session the international jury will select the winning teams. Winners will receive a mentor and get a scholarship for the summer to develop their projects. I am also hoping we will attract students from other locations to enter the competition. Register the team on our pages, please, it is really simple. Entering the competition you can not lose you can only win. We need to know what needs to be prepared for dry run. See you next Wednesday at Karlovo namesti.

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