Saturday, February 25, 2012

eClub strikes again

See the opening eClub 2012 presentation. It shows the eClub goals, program of presentations, explains the competition and awards.

I have opened next round of the eClub on Wednesday. The presentation explains the eClub basic: the main goals and how can students benefit from joining us. I have introduces all our great speakers. I also have looked a the rules for entering the competition. They are still very simple, therefore it is easy to enter the competition. You can not loose anything, you can only win. Presentation lists the scholarships as a form of seed money. Every winner will also benefit from a mentor. The number of mentors who cooperate with us constantly grows.

I was very happy to find that almost all students joining the first presentation were new to the eClub. They had many good questions at the end. Check the eClub program page, I will soon publish the video recording. Vojta Meta TV is still working on it. We have also welcomed Petr Koci from Read his interesting article describing our first meeting.

The best at the end. Next Wednesday presents Karel Janecek, who is going to tell us about the importance of high education and research for creating a successful startup.
This presentation is opening a new page in the eClub history. We will be streaming to many sites at universities across our country. I am very happy the community of students interested in startups grows.

See you next Wednesday, Feb 29 at 18:00 we will meet in HUB. Prepare good questions. The presentation will be followed by networking. Do not forget, the refreshment will be served …


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