Thursday, February 9, 2012

eClubs starts in two weeks

eClub starts with a new series of presentations and the Best Startup Project competition. We have a great news. Students at universities in Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Hradec Kralove and Zlin are joining us. 

I have managed to get together a list of very attractive speakers for this eClub round, see below. As usual we will be meeting on Wednesdays. The big news is: three presentations (blue boxes) will take place in the homely HUB, Prague environment, the rest as usual at CVUT. I believe, we will attract larger crowd of students and their friends. On top of that I am very happy to announce we will stream the three selected presentations to universities in Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Hradec Kralove and Zlin. We will list the Universities and the locations on the eClub pages very soon. I am sure, all the new locations and students will make the competition for the best startup plan even more challenging and I am looking forward to share the presentations and new ideas with more enthusiastic people. Spread the news and join us. please.

22.2. Jan Sedivy Introduction, What is eClub, what will you learn, what can you get, how are we going to be organized in this semester.

29.2. Karel Janecek RSJ algoritmic trading owner. The presentation will show the importance of high education and research for creating a successful startup. This will be demonstrated on a phenomenal success of the RSJ algorithmic trading.

7.3. Jan Sova CVUT Media Lab helped starting this company. Jan is going to tell us how is his company organized and you will also learn what are the basic legal requirements. 
14.3. Jakub Nesetril After he has been working in the web industry for 15 years as a developer, team leader, director and product manager, he lives his dream of 90-hour work-weeks as a founder of a web startup, now. Come to learn how to do it too.

21.3. Jan Zdarsa will visit us and show all the magics of AdWords. How to promote your application, attract more users, boost your sales ...
28.3. Jan Rezab Social Bakers owner. This presentation will describe the initial startup steps. Good idea, creating a team, developing the first application and getting funding. The Social Baker received 2.5 mil USD and is rapidly growing.

4.4. First Demo Day
this is the dry run of all new teams, with new projects

11.4. Daniel Franz Some soft skills for you. Dan will tell us how to create well working team, how to successfully communicate in the team and customers too.

18.4. Olda Neuberger How to build a 30 people company, miss the selling sweet point and than shrink it back to 10. Case study.
25.4. Patrick Zandl the editor in chief of is following the the Czech Internet startup and the whole community from the early beginnings and will show the up and downs of the most important players. He will also present his future visions.

2.5. Marek Johanes  How to create a new startup and how to grow it, what are the employees benefits, what are the employees options, how to distribute them, how much is your company worth. 
9.5. Demo day presentations of the teams competing for the awards

16.5. Announcing winners

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