Sunday, February 19, 2012

eClub starts this Wednesday

eClub schedule 
eClub starts with the opening presentation on Wednesday 22.2.2012. Let’s hope this magic date will be sign of a successful series. In the first presentation I would like to inform all our fans about what we are offering in the coming series. 
For eClub newbies: the main mission is to bring together students enthusiastic about new technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. We want to help students who want to change their dreams to reality, to a product, help others, be successful and earn money.

Presentations at two different places.

Join us! We have great speakers in the coming series. You will learn about the success and the misstates too. Each session is followed by networking, come and meet people with the same interest! See the schedule we will meet at two places: HUB and the traditional CVUT FEL location. We are inviting students and friends from other Czech universities for three presentations from HUB Prague. These presentations will be streamed.  We have to do lot of preparations. We had to work with local champions and locate suitable rooms, prepare advertising, publish on blogs and in media etc. We have tested the streaming on Tuesday to make sure all is in place.  Our friends from are helping us with setting up the video. We have tried to stream the video in HD quality and all the data lines sustained the bandwidth. Keep the finger crossed to not get surprised during the transmission. We want to deliver a top experience.

As in the last series we also will record all sessions. The HUB recordings will show on the web with a one week delay. We will try to put the CVUT presentations on web as soon as we can. The HUB presentations will be delayed by one week, because we want to get all students at universities together to discuss with the speaker and network after the show. We want to make very lively idea exchange.

Join the competition!

Similarly as in the previous series we will have a competition for the best startup idea. The rules for joining the competition are quite simple. The first rule is: at least one student of a Czech university in a team. Certainly the PhD. students are mostly welcomed too. If you were successful in other startup competition do not enter, let the chance opened for starting teams. The winning teams will get a scholarship for three months during summer to work on their projects. We will fund maximum two students in a team and the award will be between 15-5K/month. We will also try to get you a mentor and this is even bigger value. We constantly work with our industrial partners to get more donations to CVUT Medialab Foundation. May be you will be surprised as in the last series. We got very lucky, in the last minute Czech ICT Alliance helped us funding seven teams. They are currently working on their projects. To join the competition we ask you to register your project. Do not hesitate, even if your project is not ready and polished. eClub is here to help you to bring up your project. We are also looking forward to see teams from other than Prague universities in our competition. If you are interested let me know. I will answer all questions and will help with the organization.

Learn in eClub.

Learn from our sessions, we will show case studies of different startups to give you motivation for your own projects. Hear from successful entrepreneurs what to do in the initial phases of the startup.  See the links on our eClub pages with some helpful links. We would like to help you to deliver best performance in front of our international jury. All teams will have a chance for a dry run of their presentation to test how it feels and how to put together a catchy presentation. Register, come and deliver the presentation, you will get a very helpful feedback, viewers will ask you questions and this will help you clarify your idea. The teams will also be able to get feedback from their peers to improve the pitch.

Work with us!

I am looking forward to see you next Wednesday. I will try to explain the details, present the speakers and comment how the program was put together and what is the focus. Prepare your questions, because I am also looking forward for questions and suggestions. Come to join us and take your friends with you.


  1. Hi Jan,
    is the club only for students? Some of your presentations sound really interesting.
    Thank you.

    1. Tom, to enter the competition the team needs to have at least one student. If the team wins, we typically fund the student only. Some other arrangements can be also done. Jan

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