Friday, May 17, 2013

eClub winners, great new projects

yesterday evening we have awarded eClub summer 2013 winners. The winners are Apeman boards, BlindShell and Mixturam. eClub and MediaLab Foundation awarded scholarships to support further work on their ideas.

The ApeMan team introduced plans for manufacturing cool long boards, which became recently again very popular. They started by creating a community of stylish enthusiasts as well as racers with distinguished taste interested in long boarding. This way they have learned what is the dreamed board, how to design it and how to manufacture it. They are bringing even a little more - great design, which is a very important part of their image, check their cool site. The team includes designers, long board racers, faculty of mechanical engineering PhD. students, and business people. The company manufactures a high-tech carbon based boards with a unique design and great shapes ranging from the middle to the high end.  I wish the team to get through the initial organizational problems as soon as possible and I hope, we will see many more enthusiasts and racers smoothly sliding their boards. I have no doubts, the main award is in the right hands, Apeman will effectively use the 40k scholarship to invest further to technology.

The second team called Blindshell are two students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. With their tutor they are for quite some time researching user interfaces for disabled people. Blindshell is a launcher for touch based Android phones customized for visually impaired users. The latest smart phones are bringing many new sensors providing lot of information to enable new and smarter applications, but the whole interface is mostly visually intensive. For people with poor vision is sometimes very difficult to effectively take advantage of all the goodies. The whole idea is based on gesture, voice based interface allowing quick access even for visually impaired. The team still needs to turn the idea into a product and I wish we would soon see Blindshell on new Androids.

The third team is MixTuram offering custom tailored food supplement. Check the web, you can mixFDA to offer the products on the US market. I was lucky and I got the first box with the serial number #00001. I am looking forward to show it to my friends once Mixturam is a major worldwide company.
the right set of vitamins and other ingredients to make you stronger. MixTuram will mail you nice small box with 100 pills. Get one and boost your self for better performance. They have already received all the legal approvals in the Czech Rep. and they work with

It was a great evening and we stayed long having great discussion with all winners after announcing the results. All people were energetic and charged to continue working on their ideas. For the first time two of the winners have already running company and one company is already selling. Overall I feel happy - something good is starting and eClub and MediaLab is part of it. We all are looking for the next eClub season, watch us on the web and FB, we will start in September.

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