Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final presentations in eClub

Eleven new teams met on Thursday to present their new ideas in the eClub. If you did not join us, see the video. All presentations were great. New teams are awesome and the international jury will have a hard time to select the best teams. We will award the winners this Thursday.

Let me share some of my observations. Karel Obluk opened the whole series of presentations in this semester. He talked about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship, the importance of education and the joy of building startup. This semester we have included new educational presentations. Thanks to Jan Vesely we had a great series of Lean Startup lessons.  He explained the steps of these days de facto standard methodology for developing startup. Lukas Fittl nicely continued with a great presentation about actionable metrics showing how to use and interpret the company data. Lucie Havlickova reviewed very well how to deliver the project pitch, how to make viewers involved and how to communicate the basic ideas. We have closed the educational part with an entertaining session about pricing delivered by Jiri Fabian (Vendavo) and Vaclav Lorenc (he calls himself a pricing idiot). They put together an insightful pricing guide for small companies as well as for corporations.

As usual we have been mixing in also motivational presentations. David Vavra an independent developer has shown how to develop a “lonely ranger” application. Working as a micropreneur is a great example. Following his example students can get in touch with technology make some money and understand how the business works. Jarda Gergic has presented some of the techniques for project management using his GoodData as an example. Finally, the business star Honza Rezab from Socialbakers shared with us some of his thoughts about entrepreneurship and his life.

Thanks to ERA Svet we have enjoyed the great space directly in the middle of Prague. They have great people who helped us a lot with organization, streaming and recording all presentations. This year we have been streaming not only to our friend universities we have made the streams freely available for everybody. Google Hangout technology proved to be excellent for streaming and sharing the video on Youtube. I am also very grateful to other sponsor ICT Alliance helping us with catering.

Overall I have the feeling we did very well and offered great speakers and valuable presentations with lot of know-how. We certainly want to continue starting in September. Let me know if you have some ideas for improvement or any comments. I also hope, I will be able to help students with starting their projects during the summer vacation.

Next Thursday, the jury will announce the winners and the CTU Media Lab will give away the scholarships. Join us on Thursday or watch the web for the winners.

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